Full-service in technical support for the heavy industry. A unique and wide range of technical disciplines.

Combined in a streamlined organisation of driven experts and hard workers.

On the grounds of one of Europe’s largest steelworks, the technical specialists of Bobach have been working without interruption for over 25 years. Our mission is to unburden our clients. Day and night.

"To our clients, the maximum availability of their machines and installations is top priority. We are fully aware of this. That is what we focus on."

We provide full-service: from hydraulics and pneumatics to pipe systems, design and new constructions, maintenance and repairs, measuring services, system assembly and welding engineering.

For years, Bobach has had all the certificates relevant to our work.

Our contribution to the planet earth.
For many years, we have met all the international standards that apply to our technical activities. Whether they are required by clients, branch organisations or governments. Sustainability and the environment play an ever important part in these quality symbols. We are glad about this. We realise only too well that the markets in which we are active can have a large impact on our vulnerable planet. That is why we have organised our processes in such a way that they make an effective contribution to the fight against climate change.